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#4.  99 FOR YOU

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Two compensation plans together
- Unilevel Plan + World Forced Matrix.
- Monthly Global Bonus for Vip users.
- The AdPays or Daily Billing, thanks to investments made by the company and agreements with advertisers, we have different sources of external income, in order to distribute commissions on a constant and stable basis in the short and long term.

From 99ForYou we work in an honest and transparent way for all our users, we are under the legal processes of Spain and complying with all regulations.

#1.  SFI - Strong Futures International

Building a list is essential to online marketing.  An autoresponder program allows you to build the list, and email your clients as often as you wish with your promotional offers.

Traffic Wave offers unlimited subscribers, unlimited capture pages, and unlimited letters, all for one price.  At it never increases, unlike those other ones that raise the price as soon as you get a lot subscribers.

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